Windmill Healthcare counsellors specialise in working with pregnancy, new parenting and infertility in the Lichfield, Rugeley, Burntwood and surrounding areas of Staffordshire.

We offer many different services to suit your needs:

• Mindful Parenting Programme – An 8 week parenting course.

One to one support with pregnancy, parenting and breast-feeding.

• Counselling through infertility and adoption.

Mindful Parenting courses are 8 weeks in duration

Topics covered are:

1. The birth and your individual experience.
2. Exploring your expectations of motherhood (“Is it what you expected?”)
3. Parenting and social pressure. “When having a baby everyone seems to be the expert!” We help you to discover what is right for you.
4. Exploring a return to work or alternatives.
5. We look at the developing baby and milestones.
6. Empathising with our baby and seeing the world from a baby’s view.
7. Different parenting styles to suit your personality.
8. Mindful parenting – celebrate the joys of parenting.

Helen, founder member of Mindful Parenting:

“I have always had a great interest in parenting. As soon as I could speak, I expressed a love for babies and children and this passion has never gone away. I am a mother of 4 children so can share in the joys and struggles of parenting myself. My postgraduate research focused on motherhood and parenting, especially regarding the emotional support. In my career as a counsellor I have specialised in working with pregnancy, parenting, low self-esteem, infertility and adoption. Being a parent is the hardest job you will ever do but is equally as rewarding. As counsellors we want you to feel supported through one of the most formative and emotional periods in your life – having a baby”.

Experiences from previous parents:

“The parenting course helped me identify the unrealistic expectations I set for myself. The course helped me to feel ok with who I am.”

“The parenting course helped me to feel more confident and make my own decisions about parenting and disregard everyone’s opinions which I used to take on board. I am so much more content as a mother.”

“It helped me to be able to talk honestly about my real feelings about having a baby and not feel judged. It was good that other people shared similar feelings too which made me feel better about myself.

If you find coming to a group too daunting, you can be seen on an individual basis. In the future we are hoping to offer an online course.

Please contact Helen Hadfield at info@windmillhealthcare for any of the services offered.

Fees: One to one counselling £40 Daytime
£45 Evening (after 5pm)

Couple counselling £50 Daytime
£55 Evening (after 5pm)

Mindful Parenting course £120 for 8 week course