Hypnotherapy is widely promoted as a treatment for various long-term conditions and breaking habits. It uses the strength of our creative mind in which we can become fully absorbed, like we do with a good book or a film, or while meditating.

Does this mean it is not magic? No it is not. It is natural – but you may surprise yourself.

Does it work for everybody? People vary, but in my experience almost everybody who wants to make a change is can find it a surprisingly useful way of getting back under personal control.

Is it weird? No. It is natural state under your own control. People are wary of hypnosis because of the impression given by “stage hypnosis” in which highly susceptible people appear to be out of control when they volunteer to do silly things for entertainment. Clinical hypnosis is the opposite. It puts you back in control.

Is it safe? Used clinically it is completely safe, and it is used extensively in medical research and practice. You may feel more safe after learning and using self-hypnosis than you felt before with your personal issues.

Is it useful for your sports training and coaching? Yes. Hypnotherapy is great for living your dreams, for personal excellence, for sorting out your future.

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